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Landscaping Trees

Over 1000 Large Shade and Ornamental Trees

Oak Trees

Pin Oak

Pin Oak

Pin Oaks

The Pin Oak Shade Tree is very popular as a street shade tree in America and Europe, mainly because the leaves turn a bright rusty red in the Fall and persist into the Winter. The Pin Oak Shade Tree can grow up to 70 ft. tall and 3 ft. in diameter. The bark of the Pin Oak Shade Tree is gray-brown. The wood was once used to make shingles and clapboards.

Ornamental Pear Trees

Bradford Pear

Bradford pear (Pyrus calleryana) is a beautiful spring-flowering tree that has gained popularity in the past 20 years and is frequently seen in nearly every city within its growing range. The species is a native of China.

Evergreen Trees

Scotch Pine

Native Cedars

Native Cedar

Fall Color and Ornamental Trees

American Sweetgum

American Sweetgum

Amur Maple Red Maple

Dwarf Red Amur Maple / October Glory Red Maple

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